Wednesday, July 15th, 2020
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Dear Vista Plantation Residents,


The board, in consultation with the association company, attorney, insurance provider, and other business partners, has been planning for contingencies that may arise in the community as a result of the spread of COVID-19.


Currently there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Indian River County or Vista Plantation.  The actions we have implemented are designed, out of an abundance of caution, to maximize your safety during these unprecedented times. 


Based on advice that has been circulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Indian River County and the Department of Health, we are taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus in advance. These plans are subject to change based on CDC guidance and advice from our professional partners.


Association operations


Cleaning: The association has been extensively cleaning, disinfecting, and wiping down surfaces in common areas and amenities. Owners are responsible for their private property and themselves in the common areas of the community.


Common areas and amenities: The association has closed the community clubhouse effective March 16, 2020 until at least March 31, 2020.  The management office is staffed and we ask that you communicate with them via phone, email and the community portal.  We ask for your support to protect yourselves and all of our staff members at Vista Plantation.


Meetings and events: The White House has recommended against any gatherings of over 10 people for the next 15 days.  The CDC has recommended against any gatherings of 50 or more people through the middle of May. That’s why we have been cancelling community events and nonessential meetings. It’s also why we will be offering residents the option to tune in to board and association meetings remotely. We are in the process of identifying a remote teleconferencing platform that will allow us to continue community business that balances legal requirements and the current emergency situation.


Social distancing: Many experts also are urging people to practice “social distancing,” which is the idea of maintaining a roughly 6-foot distance between other people.


Staffing: The community may experience temporary staff shortages if employees get sick or need to remain at home; we will alert you if this happens.  Construction work and maintenance may be curtailed until the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a threat to our staff or residents.


If you get sick: Medical authorities are strongly urging all persons who exhibit symptoms to stay home and avoid public spaces unless you need medical care. You also should separate yourself from other people in your home. 


If you need to need to visit a doctor or get tested for COVID-19, develop a plan before you go:


-       Call ahead before visiting your doctor.

-       Wear a facemask if you are sick.

-       Cover your coughs and sneezes.

-       Clean your hands often.

-       Avoid sharing household items, such as utensils, plates, glasses, and towels.

-       Clean all “high-touch” surfaces, such as counters, tables, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, phones, keyboards, and remotes.

Identification: If appropriate, the association may notify residents that an individual in the community has contracted the virus. Please understand that we cannot, and will not, provide the identity of the individual.  Unless directed to act by a civil authority with positive verification of infection, we cannot quarantine residents or make inquiries relating to their travel or contact with others.

In closing, the association will not and does not make any of the decisions mentioned above lightly. These actions are being taken to ensure the health and welfare of the residents of this community. We pledge to keep residents informed of all relevant developments and how they affect association operations and continue to provide information through our community portal and our resident alert system.


It is also incumbent upon residents to take this situation seriously and do their part to minimize the spread of this deadly disease. The association highly encourages you to review safety guidelines and look for updates from the CDC, the local health department, and the World Health Organization.


If you have any questions, please call Indian River County’s Coronavirus hotline 772-226-4000.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Stay safe and healthy.




The Vista Plantation Association Board of Directors



This information is subject to change. It is published with the understanding that Vista Plantation Association is not providing legal, accounting, medical, or other professional services or advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.


Legal Disclaimer: This document was downloaded and adapted from Community Associations Institute (CAI). Community associations are governed by state law, which can vary widely from state to state. Please note that the content contained in this document is intended to be used for general educational and informational purposes only. Although we try to keep the information contained in these documents up to date, it may not reflect the most recent developments, and it may contain errors or omissions. CAI has not compared or reviewed this document relative to the law in any state and does not warrant or guarantee that the contents of this document comply with the applicable law of your state. The contents of this document are not intended to be a substitute for obtaining advice from a medical professional, lawyer, community manager, accountant, insurance agent, reserve professional, lender, or any other professional. Community associations should seek the advice of relevant experts before taking any 

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